Light up colors in the dark !   Step 1: Cut some colorful gel papers in the same size of the box opening         Step 2: The shortcut is to put a gel paper on top of the light source, this way, you can create a colorful light and place it directly […]

Learn how to make this original and easy bunting.  Step 1: Place 4 dots on both lengths of a paper. Trace a horizontal line in the middle of your paper. Trace a line between a corner of the paper until the first dot on the opposite side. Do again with the first dot on one […]

Do you wonder how to make your own and unique Hanging mobile ? Step 1: Prepare some colors papers or cards             Step 2: Draw the animals shapes you like             Step 3: Fill the shape with dark color marker           […]

Have you ever wondered how to make a silhouette canvas artwork? Diynetwork shares with us a very simple, easy to make silhouette painting to decorate your home or child bedroom. What do you need to start  ? Drawing  (from your Drawing stencils set) printed on paper Canvas Paint and brushes Glues Follow these 6 easy […]

Did you know that sequence stories are very important for children development? With all the shapes offered in our Drawing Stencils Set, you or your children can easily create an amazing story! Start by selecting a theme from your stencil set and ask your kids to build a complete story for each day of the […]

  Check out this great video done by Jessica Sporn Designs on how to create your own coloring pages with stencils! We liked the idea of combining different stencils to create many different variants and creative shapes with your stencils and start a new colouring book for your kids. Of course this can be very […]

We found this great article published in the Guardian that every parents should read. Research study suggests that educational development can be slowed up by todays knowledge-based education system. As a parent we sometimes miss to understand the value of play and how this is important for the child development. At Creativ’Craft we are passionate […]