Book worms unite ! Instead of folding a corner of your favorite book, create lovely DIY bookmarks that will help you keep track of the story. Use watercolor to give the soft touch of color to the shapes you will make with our Stencil set! STEP 1 : Take out the drawing paper and measure […]

Surprise your dad with a cute and useful gift : a customized thermos made with our stencil set and some acrylic paint. A fun and unique present that he can use everyday.   STEP 1 : Take out the Mother and Father’s Day theme stencil board from our Creabow Crafts Drawing Stencils Set – USA […]

Personalize a mobile phone case with our stencils and our glitter set. Choose a pattern that fits your personality and have fun creating it !   STEP 1 : Take Our drawing stencil art set and choose a stencil with a shape(s) you would like to use for making a design.

Create your very own cupholder ! No more burnt fingertips with your latte to-go. Create a cute and geeky cupholder with our stencils, some felt and drink your coffee with style.       STEP 1 : Download the sleeve pattern from the Tutorial. Print it and cut it out. Place the cupholder sleeve pattern […]

Need some decoration for a children room or a birthday party ? Learn how to make paper bunting by using our lovely seaworld theme stencils and give an extra touch with our glitter set.   STEP 1 : Take out A4 white paer (8.27 × 11.69 inches) along with a ruler and a pen.