Who doesn’t love a recycled DIY project that results in useful & easy-on-the-eyes objects? We certainly do ! That’s why, after devouring a Pringles can (don’t judge!), we just didn’t have the heart to throw it away. Some rope, stencils and fabric markers is all you need in order to transform this seemingly useless item […]

Learn how to make this original and easy bunting.  Step 1: Place 4 dots on both lengths of a paper. Trace a horizontal line in the middle of your paper. Trace a line between a corner of the paper until the first dot on the opposite side. Do again with the first dot on one […]

Do you wonder how to make your own and unique Hanging mobile ? Step 1: Prepare some colors papers or cards             Step 2: Draw the animals shapes you like             Step 3: Fill the shape with dark color marker           […]

Have you ever wondered how to make a silhouette canvas artwork? Diynetwork shares with us a very simple, easy to make silhouette painting to decorate your home or child bedroom. What do you need to start  ? Drawing  (from your Drawing stencils set) printed on paper Canvas Paint and brushes Glues Follow these 6 easy […]