Drawing Stencils Set : Common questions from our customers

Is the paperreusable too, like a wipe off board
The paper is not reusable, it’s high quality 100gsm drawing papers.


What size is the paper?

The paper size is 10,7″x7,3″, slightly smaller than a regular A4 format

Does this set come with a dinosaur stencil?

Yes! when we launched the second edition of our stencil set, we included a Dinosaur stencils board that have been designed by our team. The board is unique on the market and you can also found it with our brand.

What are the 12 different themes of the stencils boards?

  1. Upper & Lower Letters & Numbers / 2. Geometrics shapes / 3.Circus / 4. Princess / 5. Seaworld animals / 6. Wild animals / 7. Farm animals / 8. Forest Animals / 9. Dinosaurs / 10. Transport / 11. Space / 12. Boats.

What is the size of each actual stencil
(i.e. how big is the cat)?

The boards by themselves are 10.6″ x 7.6″, each figure within a given stencil varies in size, from maybe an inch to 4 inches. The shapes inside have various size, the cat precisely is 2″ x 1.2″. If you wish to have the exact dimensions for other shapes, please contact us!

Can you use these stencils with paint?

Yes! it’s possible to use the stencils with paint but limit the amount of water. You can either draw the outlines first and then paint inside the shapes or paint directly inside the shapes with the board still on your support. We recommend the use of acrylic paint rather than water paint. The stencils boards will be easy to clean with water and a toothbrush to go into the smallest cuts.

Would you be able to use markers easily to trace the letters?

It may be a little difficult to use a regular size marker. A thin tip marker would work.

Are any of these items suitable for 10
yr.-olds or a 6th graders, 12 years old?

At 10 years old, it really depends on her/his interest in drawing and/or doing some DIY craft projects for bedroom decoration or office supplies. An older child may create more sophisticated ‘artwork’ that would include scenes but might be better suited for the younger ones.

What is the age group for this?

The age group is mainly from 4 years old to 10 years old. However, it also depends on the kids drawing skills and abilities to use a pen. Some children start having fun with the boards at 3 years while others at 5 years old.