Theme parties are a lot of fun but, in most cases, they require a lot of planning. If you are looking for a simple and highly effective way to make your party concept stand out, then cupcake / cake toppers are definitely the way to go!

Easy, fast, sparkly, fun and… glittery – need we say more?

For this particular project, we chose an ocean-inspired theme and we created toppers in two different shapes: super sparkly fish and octopus, perfect for a beach or mermaid-themed party in gorgeous shades of blue, green and purple.


The Tools


Step 1:

Trace the shapes.

Using the ocean-themed stencil, trace your chosen designs on the back of the foam. We used a black fineliner pen in order to trace our fish and octopus, but any pen that works on foam and that is thin enough in order to trace successfully even the detailed parts of the stencils can work just as well.





Step 2 :

Cut your shapes.

Carefully cut your designs using a small or medium-sized scissors, following the outline of your chosen shape.










Step 3:

Glue your designs on the sticks.

Once your glue gun is hot, use a little glue on the back of the foam and attach the plastic stick. Wood sticks work just as well, but just make sure that you pick some that are not sharp / pointy at the ends, especially if you have small kids running around at your party. If you’re using craft glue, hold the stick and foam into place a little longer to make sure your design is secured.





Extra Tip :

If you’re worried about glitter particles falling on your food, then once you’re done, use a little hairspray on your toppers to make sure the glitter will stay in place.










Final Result :


And there you have it: fun, easy, glittery toppers, ready to decorate you cupcakes, cakes, appetizers or any other treats on your party table! Enjoy!