One of my close friend shared with me this amazing experience with our Drawing Stencils set and I thought I should share the tip ☺

Do your children ever come back from school with a homework similar to this:

« Our new topic in Science is all about habitats and discovering the different places where animals live. So for this week’s homework, I would like you to research one animal habitat and draw it underneath. Good luck! ☺ »

When Adrien, 6 years old, arrives home and starts thinking about his homework, he is super excited about it as he loves every kind of arts & crafts project and especially those involving drawing.



However, he wants to find a way to mix creativity and fun at the same time … That’s how the super idea of using the stencils in his set from Creativ’ Craft came to his mind.

As mentionned in the assignment, he has to start by choosing an animal. He goes for the whale that’s on the sea world green board.

Then, he has to draw the habitat where the whales live. His creativity was fulfilled by the variety of shapes in the stencils boards and it leads to a bunch of drawings ideas.

He picks-up the shells and the starfish on the sea world green board and also the boat from the blue board.



He adds some hand drawn waves, sea plants, clouds and a sun.

The result is super awesome and he perfectly understood and complete his homework. He had lots of fun and didn’t even realize he was learning.

Congratulation Adrien and if I was your teacher you’ll get an A+!

What do you think?