Upcycle your empty cans to create an eco-friendly and cool 4th of July decoration ! Instead of throwing your soda cans away, upcycle them and with our Drawing Stencil, trans- form them into adorable 4th of July decoration and watch the ribbons dancing in the breeze on your front porch!

Step 1 :

Take out a sticker paper and cut it as the size of your design and place it on a cutting board.

Step 2 :

Then take out the Creabow Crafts Drawing Stencils Set - USA & Holidays edition and pick out the one you like.

In this tutorial we use 4th of July stencil.


Step 3 :

Place a stencil on the sticker paper and trace your design with pencil.


Step 4 :

Carefully cut out the shapes with cutter.

Step 5 :

Take out a painted can then adjust your design around it before stick it on the can.

Step 6 :

Paint the design with acrylic color of your choice and let it dry. Peel the sticker off carefully.

Step 6 :

Prepare ribbons and glue gun then stick them at the bottom of the can. Tie the string at the top off the can.

Final Result :

Tips :

Make sure the paint dry completely between each steps !