Book worms unite ! Instead of folding a corner of your favorite book, create lovely DIY bookmarks that will help you keep track of the story. Use watercolor to give the soft touch of color to the shapes you will make with our Stencil set!

STEP 1 :

Take out the drawing paper and measure 7 cm wide for each bookmark.

STEP 2 :

Make straight lines and cut with scissors.

STEP 3 :

Take out the stencil of you choice from Our drawing stencil art set.

STEP 4 :

Place the stencil on the paper and trace the design you like with pencil.

STEP 5 :

Take out the water colour ,brush and water.

STEP 6 :

Colour your design with water colour.

STEP 7 :

Let it dry and make the hole at the top with the hole puncher.

STEP 8 :

Put the string through the hole.

STEP 9 :

Tie the knot at the top.

Final Result :