Add a little poetry in your kid‘s bedroom with this enchanted butterfly chandelier. Easy to do with our stencils set, you can of course choose the shape you want. A bit of colored beads, some nylon string and soon you‘ll have beautiful butterflies flying in the room!


STEP 1 :

Take Our drawing stencil art set and choose a stencil with a shape(s) you would like to use for making a chandelier..

STEP 2 :

Prepare coloured paper and trace shape(s) of your choice. The more shapes you have, the better!

STEP 3 :

After you are done with tracing, cut out the shapes using scissors.


STEP 4 :

When all the shapes are cut out, make to holes in each using a needle (or a toothpick, if you don’t have a needle at hand).

STEP 5 :

Cut clear nylon strings into pieces of how long you want each strand to be. Then, put shapes onto the string through the holes you have made.


STEP 6 :

After all shapes are on strings, tie nylon to the embroidery hoop.

Step 7 :

You can additionaly wrap a rope around the hoop to give it a crafty touch. Using the same rope you may create a hook to hang the chandelier. Alternatively, you can use a nice ribbon instead of a rope.

Step 8 :

You may also use beads to decorate the chandelier. It also helps to weight down the strings and creates an overall neat look.

Final Result :