Create your very own cupholder ! No more burnt fingertips with your latte to-go.
Create a cute and geeky cupholder with our stencils, some felt and drink your coffee with style.




STEP 1 :

Download the sleeve pattern from the Tutorial. Print it and cut it out.
Place the cupholder sleeve pattern on the felt.


STEP 2 :

Trace the sleeve shape with a fabric pen.


STEP 3 :

Cut out the shape with scissors following the mark.



STEP 4 :

Take out the stencil of your choice from Our drawing stencil art set.

STEP 5 :

Trace the outlines of the selected shape on the felt with the fabric pen.
Then cut every pieces out with scissors.



STEP 6 :

Sew every pieces together with needle and thread.



STEP 7 :

After sewing the pieces together, fit the felt to the cup and sew both end.



STEP 8 :

Enjoy !


Final Result :

Tips :

Be careful when using needle and thread. Pattern for the sleeve can be downloaded on the Tutorial pdf.