Need some decoration for a children room or a birthday party ? Learn how to make paper bunting by using our lovely seaworld theme stencils and give an extra touch with our glitter set.


STEP 1 :

Take out A4 white paer (8.27 × 11.69 inches) along with a ruler and a pen.


STEP 2 :

Make the line in the middle of the paper. Then, place 4 dots at equal distance on the top and bottom of paper.


STEP 3 :

Create the lines by connecting the dots as shown in the following pictures.


STEP 4 :

Take out the seaworld themed stencil from Our drawing stencil art set.


STEP 5 :

Flip the A4 paper and draw the shapes you like with a pen until you fill all the page.


STEP 6 :

Colour the shapes with colour markers.

STEP 7 :

Take out the glue and brush from Creabow Crafts Deluxe glitter set. Apply glue on some shapes and sprinkles some glitters before the glue dries. Tap of the excess after it dries.

STEP 8 :

Flip the paper back and cut following the lines with schissors.


STEP 9 :

Place the bunting on a string and fix them with stapler.

Final Result :

Tips :

Use small shape as they will fit better with the bunting.