Who doesn’t love a recycled DIY project that results in useful & easy-on-the-eyes objects? We certainly do !

That’s why, after devouring a Pringles can (don’t judge!), we just didn’t have the heart to throw it away. Some rope, stencils and fabric markers is all you need in order to transform this seemingly useless item into a home décor object: a rope-wrapped vase with a cool pattern!

The Tools




Step 1 :

Glue the end of the rope at the bottom of the can. Using the glue gun, secure the end of the rope at the bottom of the can. Use rustic, abrasive thin brown rope for this project and not the smooth, slippery kinds in order to be able to successfully design a pattern on top (the silky ropes don’t allow the markers to stick as well).


Step 2 :

Wrap the rope around the can. Start wrapping the rope around the container tightly and neatly, without leaving spaces between layers.

Feel free to use the glue gun from time to time if you feel it is necessary (we didn’t and encountered no issues).


Step 3 :

Secure the rope with glue gun. When you reach the top of the can, use your glue gun to secure the thin rope in place.




Step 4 :

Place the stencil on your vase and trace & color your shape. We opted for a clover pattern for this rustic recycled can and we traced the shape with a black fabric marker for a contrasting look.

While we didn’t aim for perfect symmetry, we tried to create a balanced pattern all over the vase.


Final Result :

Mission accomplished ! yesterday’s indulging treat became today’s new favorite décor object.

All you need now is a few bright flowers to place inside your new recycled vase – then, mix and match your new vase with other graphically patterned objects for a chic and eclectic statement corner in your home or office.