Coloring on paper is definitely fun, but coloring on fabric is even more stimulating – especially when the results are as adorable as in our next craft project! You guessed, we’re transforming boring little tops into the kids’ new favorite T-shirts, featuring cute animal designs in eye-catching colors.

Sounds fun? It surely is!

Here’s just what you need to do to complete this project:

The tools :



Step 1 :

Place the cutting board inside your T-shirt. In order to prevent your paint contaminating the back side of the top, place the cutting board inside your T-shirt.

This step also provides you the stable, smooth surface you need in order to draw.




Step 2 :

Trace the shape with a fabric sharpie. We chose a cute giraffe in shades of pink with black accents for this pastel pink T-shirt, so using the animal themed stencil, we traced the shape carefully on the fabric.

In order to achieve the best results, the best tip is to use a marker that is not extremely wet – a drier one will ensure that your paint won’t spread too much. Using gentle movements, trace the contour of the giraffe, without pressing too hard on the fabric.

Color the thinner parts of the shape (in this case, the giraffe’s legs) fully while still using the stencil.


Step 3 :

Color and add details on your design. Start by accentuating the outer lines of the giraffe, while leaving the inner parts lighter. We aimed to create a slight ombre design with a good amount of shadowing and contouring, so we accentuated the head, legs and the body outline.

After that, using the black marker, we added the giraffe’s spots and continued to accentuate random areas for a layered effect (by pressing very softly on the fabric).





Step 4 :

Place parchment paper inside your T-shirt, then iron. To prevent contaminating the back of your top, place parchment paper inside your T-shirt, then iron the design for 1 minute (or as specified on your marker’s packaging).

This step will ensure that your design will stay bright and crisp even after washing.






Final Result :


Not only can the little ones wear your new creation as part of their daily outfits, but the possibility of customizing any garment in 4 easy steps also guarantees that they will always have just the right thing to wear on any occasion.Perfect for theme birthday parties, costume parties or for stating a message (using the letter stencils), personalized T-shirts are always a fantastic idea.

Have fun creating this great DIY project and let the littles rock their new trendy piece!