Need to give a bit of extra oomph to your decoration ? Want to be original, unique and creative ?
Learn how to make cute and design pillowcases, using our Stencils sets and some acrylic paint. It‘s so easy, it‘s an activity you can do with your kids !


STEP 1 :

Take the Our drawing stencil art set and choose a stencil with a shape(s) you would like to use for making a pillowcase.


STEP 2 :

Place a stencil on a vinyl sheet and trace the shape(s) of your choice with a marker (or any pen that is suitable for vinyl).


STEP 3 :

Place a vinyl on a cutting board and using a cutter, carefully cut out the shapes you have traced.

STEP 4 :

Now it’s time to apply colour to a pillowcase. In order to do that, place a vinyl stencil you have just prepared on a blank pillowcase and fix it with a tape. Prepare acrylic colours of your choice and sponge brushes, or just any clean sponges. Carefully dab paint onto a pillowcase. When you done with first row, move on to the next one. Continue till you have filled the whole space.

STEP 5 :

After you are done painting a pillowcase, let it dry for 15-20 minutes, and after that it is ready to be put on a pillow.

Final Result :

Tips :

For an easy application of the colour, try choosing a pillowcase that is made from a smooth fabric. Also, it is not recommended to use a normal brush instead of a sponge one, since that way colour can leak under the vinyl sheet resulting in a messy final product. Moreover, for the same reason, we recommend you to put sa piece of thick paper inside the pillowcase while you colour, so the colour doesn’t leak through on to another side.
Although it shouldn’t be a problem, but if you are worried the colour might wash away, you can iron a pillowcase to fix it.