Personalize a mobile phone case with our stencils and our glitter set.
Choose a pattern that fits your personality and have fun creating it !


STEP 1 :

Take Our drawing stencil art set and choose a stencil with a shape(s) you would like to use for making a design.


STEP 2 :

Trace the shape to make design that you like on a piece of sticker



STEP 3 :

Carefully cut out the design with a cutter and cut off the excess of the sticker.



STEP 4 :

Carefully stick the design on the phonecase.



STEP 5 :

Apply the glue with the brush into the design evenly.

STEP 6 :

Apply the glitter of your choice from Creabow Crafts Deluxe glitter set before the glue dry.



STEP 7 :

Let the glitters dry, peel off the sticker and brush off the excess of the glitters.


STEP 8 :

Apply hairspray to fix everything in place and let it dry.


Final Result :