A birthday party can never have too many cupcake toppers – and when these come in cute prints and feature the birthday girl or boy’s initial, even better. There are lots of ways to use these lovely accessories: as decoration in glasses or vases on the party table, as centerpieces among flowers, as party favors and, of course, inserted in your sweetest treats like the birthday cake or creamy cupcakes.

Here’s a simple way to create cute initial cupcake toppers for your next fun event !

The Tools



Step 1 :

Trace the hexagon shape.

Using the geometric stencil from the Drawing Stencils Art Set and a sharp pencil, trace the hexagon on your patterned paper.




Step 2 :

Cut your hexagon.

Using a medium-sized scissors, cut your shape, then erase the pencil marks if necessary.





Step 3 :

Trace the letter on the hexagon.

Using the letter stencil, trace the initial of the birthday girl or boy in the middle of your hexagon.








Step 4 :

Color the letter in desired shade.

Using a sharpie in the desired hue, color the letter, and then erase any pencil marks if necessary.






Step 5 :

Glue the hexagon on a stick.

Using a hot glue gun or crafts glue, attach the hexagon on your stick and press firmly for a few seconds to secure it in place.





Optional :

Decorate your letter with polka dots using a pen in a contrasting shade.







Final Result :


We had a lot of fun on this project, so we decided to create 3 different designs based on our chosen color palette: grey, white, purple and black. We used a white pigment pen and chose stripes and dots in order to decorate our letters and to add a little layered texture to our design. You can use plain colorful paper for the hexagon and add patterned letters on top and you can (and should!) mix and match designs for an eclectic, modern party vibe.

The possibilities are endless ! Have fun and enjoy your cute new toppers!