Our stencils don’t have to be used just for drawing – With a bit of help, your little one can create his or her own farm full of animals – using our stencil, some cardboard, a pencil and colors you can produce your own little fantasy farm!

We hope that you will enjoy this activity.

Step 1:

Take the thick cardboard and  color it like a grass surface.

You can use color pencils or water color, whichever you are comfortable with.




Step 2:

Take one of the straws, mark and cut it into 4 equal parts.






Step 3:

Make small cuts at one end of the straw pieces and fold them outwards to make ‘stands’ as shown. Make sure the cuts are of equal length.





Step 4:

Use glue and attach the four ‘pillars’ to the four corners of the thick card as shown.






Step 5:

Now comes the tricky part!

Take the other straws and stick them to the pillars to make the fence. Try to keep the space between the straws equal all around.




Step 6:

Select a shape from the stencil,  and cut a piece of card from the  thin cardboard. The size should be more than double the size of the  animal’s shape. Fold it into two.





Step 7:

Draw the animal’s shape with  its top aligned to the fold…






Step 8:

…and add a box below its legs.  Cut the image holding the folded  card tightly, so that both the sides are equally cut.





Step 9:

Now color the animal. The box should be colored  in the same grass color like the base card. (If you are not able to cut the space between the legs, you can leave it, and color that space with the same grass color). Fold both the green boxes (stands) outward.  With glue, stick both the animal sides together.




farm stencils

Step 10:

Similarly make other animals and place them inside the ‘farm’ to check their spacing. Once you are satisfied, stick them in their respective places with glue.





create your own farm