We all know that kids love play-doh, it’s fun and they can express their creativity by mixing colors to create marble effect, modeling and creating almost anything and they can make a mess!…

We also love play-doh because apart for just being popular it is an amazing tool that can create many new learning opportunities for your kids:

  • Fine motor development and building up strength thanks to its malleable property
  • Imagination and Creativity : Kids can model and represent anything
  • Stress relief : by simply squeezing the paste

So why not extending the possibilities of play-doh by using it in addition with our stencils set? Practicing letter and number work using the numbers board and discover a new way of counting and doing maths. Or using letters board to form letter of the alphabet or spell words. Your kid can even create stories or adventure with the new dinosaur, space or princess stencil boards.

Lots of FUN ahead, even with toddlers.

All you need is:

  • Drawing stencil set
  • Play-doh
  •  roller

We even created a small tutorial.  See this short video that will show you how Stencils and Play doh can be used in so many creative ways!