Learn how to make this original and easy bunting. 

Step 1:

Place 4 dots on both lengths of a paper.

Trace a horizontal line in the middle of your paper.

Trace a line between a corner of the paper until the first dot on the opposite side. Do again with the first dot on one side until the second dot of the other side. Keep tracing until you have the picture enclosed.



Step 2:

Turn over your paper and use the stencils boards to draw the outlines of the shapes of your choice.






Keep drawing until you fulfilled the page.








Step 3:

Color in the shapes and place your drawing on a tray







Step 4:

Apply glue on the shapes of your choice. You can use back the stencils boards to avoid going over the edges when you are applying the glue.






Step 5:

Apply glitter on the glued shapes.







Shake your paper to drop the excess of glitter









Your drawing is finished







Step 6 :

Turn over your drawing to get the triangles done during step 1.

Use scissors or paper trimmer to cut the triangles.






All your buntings are now cut








Step 7 :

Use a stapler to fix your buntings to a string







Final Result :


Hang your garland where ever you want.

It can be used for home decoration and/or for a special event such as birthday.