At Creativ’ Craft, we enjoy a lot office supplies, but sometimes we get bored with the choices and design offered! So why not creating your own designs thanks to the stencils and turning your office decor up a notch!

With our Drawing Stencil Set, you can even create cute supplies for and/or with your children!

We selected few DIY project for you (different style, different technique). All you need is a little bit of practice.  Follow these simple tutorial and learn how to stencil any support of your choice (book, binder, desk organizer…).

Home office supply from Martha Stewart:

Of course we like Martha’s Stewart cooking recipes  but we also love all the amazing ideas and DIY projects she proposes. We have selected this original tutorial about Stenciled Home Office Supplies. You can use it with any supplies like notebooks, photo albums, and pencil holders. Full tutorial can be found her website here.

Desktop - stenciled notebooks, journals, pencil cup
Desktop – stenciled notebooks, journals, pencil cup

Photography: Helen Norman

French Desk accessories from petscribbles :

Some nice ideas to customize and stenciled your desk accessories with a fresh and french look. See full version here.

Stenciled french desk accessories
Stenciled french desk accessories

Family binder from 30days :

Having difficulties to organize your things, Mique created a series of binder (family, recipies, holidays..) that can easily be customized. A very nice way to organize your life with cool designs. The binders can be found here.


Don’t hesitate to share with us your creation!