Nurturing an appreciation for art in young children encourages exploration, self-expression, logical thinking, self-confidence and creativity. Early exposure to art and experiences with art also teach children to think more openly, use their imagination and be more tolerant of differences. As a parent, you play a crucial role in your child’s development and education, and […]

One of my close friend shared with me this amazing experience with our Drawing Stencils set and I thought I should share the tip ☺ Do your children ever come back from school with a homework similar to this: « Our new topic in Science is all about habitats and discovering the different places where animals live. […]

One of the most important phases of your child’s life is the time he spends in the Montessori because this is the time when his basic skills are being developed. The kind of activities which happen in the Montessori and the tools which are used play a pivotal role in developing the creativity, imagination, and […]

Creativ’ Craft stencil kits awarded gold medalist in the “Best Art or Creative Activity” by Lovedbyparents! Loved by parents is a parenting website offering news, parenting advice, articles, reviews and competitions. We are proud and delighted to receive the gold award. It means so much to us especially as we managed to win over big […]

  Check out this great video done by Jessica Sporn Designs on how to create your own coloring pages with stencils! We liked the idea of combining different stencils to create many different variants and creative shapes with your stencils and start a new colouring book for your kids. Of course this can be very […]

We found this great article published in the Guardian that every parents should read. Research study suggests that educational development can be slowed up by todays knowledge-based education system. As a parent we sometimes miss to understand the value of play and how this is important for the child development. At Creativ’Craft we are passionate […]