If you love crafts like we do, then you’ve probably seen this DIY everywhere – we’re talking about shrinking plastic and all the amazing possibilities it comes with! There are various tutorials out there that use plastic food containers as the main material for jewelry pieces, but our experience showed that recycled boxes are either […]

Coloring on paper is definitely fun, but coloring on fabric is even more stimulating – especially when the results are as adorable as in our next craft project! You guessed, we’re transforming boring little tops into the kids’ new favorite T-shirts, featuring cute animal designs in eye-catching colors. Sounds fun? It surely is! Here’s just […]

A handmade game full of gorgeous colors that stimulates the little one’s mind and keeps him interested and wanting more? We say YES! You guessed, we created a memory cards game for kids using just a handful of tools – and the results were better than we expected. If you love a DIY game that […]

Nurturing an appreciation for art in young children encourages exploration, self-expression, logical thinking, self-confidence and creativity. Early exposure to art and experiences with art also teach children to think more openly, use their imagination and be more tolerant of differences. As a parent, you play a crucial role in your child’s development and education, and […]

Who doesn’t love a recycled DIY project that results in useful & easy-on-the-eyes objects? We certainly do ! That’s why, after devouring a Pringles can (don’t judge!), we just didn’t have the heart to throw it away. Some rope, stencils and fabric markers is all you need in order to transform this seemingly useless item […]

A birthday party can never have too many cupcake toppers – and when these come in cute prints and feature the birthday girl or boy’s initial, even better. There are lots of ways to use these lovely accessories: as decoration in glasses or vases on the party table, as centerpieces among flowers, as party favors […]

Theme parties are a lot of fun but, in most cases, they require a lot of planning. If you are looking for a simple and highly effective way to make your party concept stand out, then cupcake / cake toppers are definitely the way to go! Easy, fast, sparkly, fun and… glittery – need we […]

Fun light play narrating the galaxy ! Step 1: Find a box and cut out the flaps at both ends           Step 2: Cut the construction paper in the same dimension with the box opening           Step 3: Draw any space shape you like       […]

One of my close friend shared with me this amazing experience with our Drawing Stencils set and I thought I should share the tip ☺ Do your children ever come back from school with a homework similar to this: « Our new topic in Science is all about habitats and discovering the different places where animals live. […]

Our stencils don’t have to be used just for drawing – With a bit of help, your little one can create his or her own farm full of animals – using our stencil, some cardboard, a pencil and colors you can produce your own little fantasy farm! We hope that you will enjoy this activity. […]